5 Healthy Ideas for your Holiday Elf on the Shelf

By Childrenโ€™s Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life

November 23, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of year .... when the ELF ON THE SHELF returns. Each morning, the magical doll returns to its family and perches in a different place to watch the fun and monitor the behavior. 

The kids are enchanted, the parents (sometimes) exhausted (and out of ideas).

In addition to these scout dolls monitoring good behavior during the holiday season, the elves can encourage healthy habits -- from eating fruits and vegetables to engaging in different physical activities.

Here are 5 ideas for healthy and fun adventures for your family’s elf from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life.

  1. Elves love yoga. Your elf might say “namaste” with a nice, big morning stretch and yoga pose. Get sluggish kids going by having them do “child’s pose” each day before school.
  2. Elves love fruits and vegetables. Toys aren't the only thing elves are good at making. Your elf can make kids a healthy "North Pole Snack" (think fruits and veggies) like these Santa hats made of grapes, bananas and strawberries with a note that reads, "Try it! You'll love it!"
  3. Elves love to race. Your elf wants to sack race! He supplies big paper sacks so your kid’s other toys can race. Let kids decorate their sacks, then race them to the finish line. Next, it’s your kids turn to race!
  4. Elves love oatmeal. To prove it, yours can pour some oatmeal on the kitchen counter and make a snow angel.
  5. Elves enjoy healthy snacks. Your elf has taken a dive into a healthier snack, such as a bowl of popcorn! Next time you’re watching a family movie, remind kids that you’re replacing that box of candy with something more nutritious.

You can download this Elf on the Cheat Sheet, simply by visiting HERE.

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